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Color Continuum -- no. 04 duochromatic


Color Continuum -- no. 04 duochromatic
five quilt projects for colors that are better in pairs

In quilts, as in life, few things are more important than color. Color evokes a mood, color sets a contrast, color is the spark that can make the everyday — extraordinary. Color Continuum is an exploration of how different approaches to creating a unique palette for a quilt can imbue it with emotion or suggest anything from an everyday scene to a classic painting.

No. 4 duochromatic strips palettes back to their most basic: pairs of colors. From morality to movies to the printed page, the notion of black and white holds a particular weight in our world and our history, and for a reason: contrasting pairs of color are the most natural, uncomplicated way to express shapes, symbols, and even ideas. The pairs of color in which shapes are cast affect how we interpret them, how they make us feel. Photographers and painters know the power of complementary colors, and from harmony to context, a simple contrast between two carefully-chosen colors can evoke depth, beauty, even tension. Duochromatic takes five modern, geometric designs and sets them each in a pair of colors chosen to complement and show that design in a certain light — and then gives an alternative pair that provides an entirely different mood to the same design.

Read more about the projects here.

46 pages + cover
June 2015

Project measurements (listed in the order of the pictures):
Niveous: 70" x 81"
Dowie: 75" x 75"
Mackle: 70" x 70"
Crapehanger: 74" x 66"
Gossamer: 57" x 60"

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